LLC “Lielzeltiņi” values:

LLC “Lielzeltiņi” is one of the leading specialised poultry meat production and processing companies in the Baltic states. The company is well-known for production of qualitative and safe poultry meat. The company is focused on the local market and international markets. For many years, the company has been independently improving and modernising its production processes to ensure that the end product matches with the expectations of the consumer. The experience obtained and the high qualifications of employees allow the company to set high standards that are observed by its entire staff.

LLC “Lielzeltiņi” mission:

- to produce and sell qualitative and safe broiler meat made in Latvia, as well as balanced, wholesome fodder for animals.

- to be open and socially responsible, to strengthen the financial position of the company;

- to work with initiative and provide the employees with an opportunity to express themselves creatively and responsibly;

- to promote production growth in a coordinated way and ensure client loyalty;

- to look into the future, exploring all the newest developments in the fields of poultry farming and poultry meat processing;

- to strengthen and promote the “BAUSKA” poultry product brand “BAUSKA”.


LLC “Lielzeltiņi” vision - to be oriented towards the production of high-quality products, taking the leading positions on the Latvian market in the production and processing of broiler meat, as well as in the production of balanced fodder for animals.